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Currently in Spain there is a real boom in new renewable energy plants and the forecasts for the next decade are very encouraging in accordance with the decarbonisation plan of the European Union. The Government's roadmap to promote the decarbonization of the energy sector contemplates the commissioning of some 90,000 megawatts (MW) of new renewables until 2030, practically tripling green energies over a decade. There are currently 45,000 MW of wind and photovoltaic energy installed in Spain.
Technological developments and energy markets (electricity, gas, water, etc) require reliable, efficient, flexible and intelligent solutions for the achievement of the companies' objectives. IRIS Water provides the answers to your needs and concerns about the intelligent management of water devices, being the latest generation of advanced systems available in the market.This new platform has been developed in our Software Factory. The design of IRIS Water has considered the different needs of companies to integrate the system with their own software avoiding and improving the workflow of the company. This design has followed the principle of "distributed, redundant and balanced services” and thus ensure 100% operation always in scalable deployments according to the number of devices to manage.
Telecontrol STM continues to grow, therefore it has become a member of the Spanish Technological Platform of Electric Grids “FutuRed". FutuRed” was born with the vocation to integrate all the agents involved in the electricity sector, in order to define and promote strategies at the national level, which will allow the consolidation of a much more advanced network capable of responding to the challenges of the future. The main mission is to foster the technological evolution of Spanish electricity transmission and distribution networks, propelling technological leadership, sustainable development and increasing the competitiveness of society.
Telecontrol STM Health and Safety Department Management, on its continuous pursuit of excellence in all activities, has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Francisco de Vitoria University, that will allow the students of this University to make an internship on the e-START framework performed by the University Foundation – Company.
Honourable mentions award ceremony by FREMAP. Following the publication of Royal Decree 404/2010 and TIN / 1448/2010 Order, a system of reduced contributions for professional contingencies for companies that particularly contribute to the reduction and prevention of workplace accidents is established. Shortly, and in the same line that has been developed in previous years, companies will be able to access the application of this reduction through its Mutual Collaborator.
During the first quarter of 2016, Telecontrol STM has exceeded the barrier of 200 interventions in Smart Grid integrated centers of electrical distributors across Spain Telecontrol STM pioneered the “SCALA – Smart Cities Alcalá Aranjuez” pilot project developed in the cities of Alcala de Henares and Aranjuez.
Last December, Telecontrol STM obtained the INNOVATIVE SME.
June 6th 2014 Royal Decree 413/2014 requires photovoltaic systems with and installed power higher than 1MW, or forming part of groups of more than 1 MW, to send telemetry in real time to the system operator. Telecontrol STM has commissioned more than 150 installations with real time measurements distributed throughout the Iberian peninsula..
Currently, in our northern delegation of Telecontrol STM, functional tests of SOAL interlocks "(Local Operating System Substation)" are performed, for electric control on switches, in all electrical substations in the central area of Gas Natural Fenosa .
UFINET TELECOM continues to maintain confidence in the services provided by Telecontrol STM, awarding a new contract for the "Maintenance and support of communications facilities, remote controls and Smart Grid". The contract will be along this 2015. The scope of work spans the existing fleet of transformer which Gas Natural Fenosa has in the Iberian Peninsula, focusing on actions at communications facilities dedicated to the remote management of smart meters.