Our team

Our staff of Telecontrol STM is formed by motivated and compromised people with the company who work for a common goal. for that, we became to a main company in electric sector.

We have proven to be a company committed to the professional success and development of our employees, by investing in the improvement of professional talent. 
Similarly, security is taken as a differential value as the way the company works.

Employees profile

We encourage to our professionals the importance of individual and collective work in the results of all team, looking for patterns that promote the affinity. We also offer professional alternatives that enhance the talent of our staff.

Below the main managers of the company.


Fotografía empleado
"Looking for excellence in teams and results."

Óscar Martínez - CEO

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"Success is the award of the effort to reach it."

Alberto González Núñez - Commercial Director

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"The key of success consists of a great planification."

Víctor Manuel Vecín Faba - Production Manager

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"Improving continuosly in all areas."

Rafael Gómez Blanes - Software Development Director