Commitment with the employees

Telecontrol STM counts with a multidisciplinary staff, where each worker develop their jobs in a qualified way, as technical as professionally. It also has with the specific training acquired along the time in many works developed The average years in the business by our employees is more than four years.

So, Telecontrol STM, aims to have the best professionals of the sector and also to provide an offer of qualified services to utilities as strategic goal.

For the development of this goal, the following points are established:

  • Promoting a culture of respect for people, social responsibility and commitment to the organization. These actitudes positions us as an attractive company to work on it.
  • Developing a training plan to ensure the technical qualifications of our staff within the company. In certain areas of work, Telecontrol equipment STM has heterogeneous and multidisciplinary team works, in which all available staff in the company can team up independently.
  • Insisting on internal search professional quality of all workers, with the intention of offering our customers the best services with the highest quality. So, it is essential the staff turnover in certain areas of work, in order to achieve the overall expansion of knowledge and experience of all our staff.
  • Assuming and developing preventive and health policies of as company employees as subcontracted workers, ensuring to our customers the warranty and commitment of our PRL policies.
  • Establishing a model of labor relations based on dialogue and listening to workers, adapting as far as possible to those needs to provide the continuous improvement of our staff and, therefore, of our services.
  • Developing a comprehensive management system that makes the tasks easier, ensuring quality and efficiency in our services and products.


Compromiso con los empleados