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Technological developments and energy markets (electricity, gas, water, etc) require reliable, efficient, flexible and intelligent solutions for the achievement of the companies' objectives. IRIS Water provides the answers to your needs and concerns about the intelligent management of water devices, being the latest generation of advanced systems available in the market.This new platform has been developed in our Software Factory. The design of IRIS Water has considered the different needs of companies to integrate the system with their own software avoiding and improving the workflow of the company. This design has followed the principle of "distributed, redundant and balanced services” and thus ensure 100% operation always in scalable deployments according to the number of devices to manage.
  We are proud to inform you that we have launched a big project at Madrileña Red de Gas, which has trusted Telecontrol STM and our IRIS Gas Software Platform to telemanage the gas smart meters. After a tough tender, we are more than satisfied that a company like Madrileña Red de Gas, for their relevance in the gas sector, has our trust in technical and professionalism skills to improve processes and remote management of the devices.
Zaphire is a software product that allows the integration of non PRIME Smart Meters in the Gas & Electric Telemanagament Systems. It implements virtual concentrators that access to the Smart Meters through any type of communications network. It is able to interrogate them and collect the relevant information for their proper management.
The new version of the Remote Sensing Platform IRIS 0.8 incorporates new features, further improving the performance, management and analysis of all aspects related to the communications of meters and data concentrators. Many of the new functions are the result of the feedback received from our clients, users of the platform.