IRIS Water Software Platform

Technological developments and energy markets (electricity, gas, water, etc) require reliable, efficient, flexible and intelligent solutions for the achievement of the companies' objectives. IRIS Water provides the answers to your needs and concerns about the intelligent management of water devices, being the latest generation of advanced systems available in the market.

This new platform has been developed in our Software Factory. The design of IRIS Water has considered the different needs of companies to integrate the system with their own software avoiding and improving the workflow of the company. This design has followed the principle of "distributed, redundant and balanced services” and thus ensure 100% operation always in scalable deployments according to the number of devices to manage.

IRIS Water provides you with functionalities and advantages to improve the performance of the company:

  • Management of multiple manufacturers and communication protocols for industrial and domestic accountants. A single platform for the management of all the gas counters of a company.
  • Global, individual and particularisable statistics for the whole system.
  • Geolocation of devices.
  • Roles for platform users.
  • Dynamic management of high and low level reports. Reporting information through different alternatives to the recipients.
  • Integration with third-party systems through its fully documented integration layer.
  • Cybersecurity – Our experience developing IRIS Electricidad e IRIS Gas has enabled us to deepen and improve all aspects of online and field security
  • Cloud computing - possibility of deployments in the "cloud", in both Microsoft Azure and in servers of the company.
  • Increased performance of the company in the management of the measure - The platform can be particularized to glimpse the most relevant aspects of each device, acquiring and processing the data collected through intelligent tasks, which provide an improvement in the communications statistics, 100% in of data retrieving, avoiding manual readings.

In addition, the technical staff provides, after deployments, experiences in international projects on telemanagement of measures, a real support service with monthly audits on the platform.

IRIS Water is the globally proven solution, with comprehensive support and scalable and customizable business solution, which turns project risks into real business opportunities.

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Friday, August 24, 2018