About Telecontrol STM

Telecontrol STM was founded in 1996 and it began to give services to its customers in the next year, offering qualified profesional services for enterprises of the electric sector. Since then, it has gone incorporating many services. highlighting the following:


PRIMEAgreeing with the launch of the Smart Grids, we started a new line of business in which software development services are offered to our customers, leading to the creation of the software factory, where our remote management system, IRIS, is developed. Telecontrol STM belongs to the Alliance PRIME since 2012 and it recognizes to Iris as the unique first and unique national software that meets the PRIME standard.

The work philosophy of Telecontrol STM is the constant search of excellence. In order to get that goal we base on four basics pillars:


With all of this, we want to offer to our customers the best service as possible through high-qualified employees who are able to face any challenge.



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