Commitent with the environment

Telecontrol STM has the compromise to carry out an environtment policy based on the following principles:

Compromiso con el medio ambiente

  • Working with the environment in a respectful way as well as meeting with the requirements legal applicable to activity and geographic location.
  • Minimizing environmental effects as a result of the activity developed in our offices and in locations where we serve.
  • Meeting the voluntarily assumed environmental requirements in the workplace where the environmental management system is implemented as well as the active participation of all staff to include suggestions for improvement.


To achieve the objectives set, the integrated quality and the environment management systems are part of the overall management of the company, being reflected in manuals, procedures, instructions, evaluations and audits.

The implementation and monitoring of these objectives is ensured by management and the department of quality and environment, besides of the strong commitment to all employees to comply with all the internal regulations of the company, which will lead to the achievement of the objectives.

In summary, our environmental policy is approached as action guide to the control and management of waste and recycle everything we can, besides the respect for nature.