Medium and high voltage protections

Service quality in the supply of electrical energy is measured, basicly, in terms of number and duration of interruptions in electric supply, as well as avoid the voltage fluctuations and frecuency within specified limits.

The weather agents action, human and material failures, cause incidents in the network. If protection system are well designed and planned, such incidents can be reduced to minimum, thus minimizing the economic losses associated with consumption.

From direct protection systems to modern electronic ones, the goal is the elimination of such incidents in the shortest possible time. In both of them is required the sampling system of electric system mainly through intensity, voltage, frecuency and states. When these analogic signals have been analysed, the protection systems will try some specified settings and following a logic algorithm.

In the year 2001 are begun the activities in the protection field for electric lines of medium and high voltage. These works have been developed in substations and transformation centre in different levels of voltage from 15 KV up to 400 KV.

Range of protection services:

  • Starting up.Medium and high voltage protections
  • Predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Starting up protections of transformer and differentials of line and bars.
  • Starting up and maintenance of intertripping systems and commuication systems for local and remote protections.
  • Renewal and expansions of lines and power transformers.
  • Substitutions and testing of protective relays.
  • Own lab for testing of relays.
  • Mounting and starting up of systems for monitoring, measurement and control of installations through control units of substations.
  • Adjustment to normalizations according different organisms.
  • Many protocols of communication.
  • Multiple device manufacturers.