High, medium and low voltage telemetry

The telemetry allows monitoring any point of electric network from many control centre, and for that, we can see what happen in the transport and distribution systems, through remote reading of many power electric variables.
Since 2007 integration services and telemanagement of meters of measure in distribution lines are provided.

Integrating communications of meters and measure card of protection relays in communications network of substations, using electro-optical multiplexers, communication network optimization existing in the installation is achieved. This is possible, in some cases, by using many communication protocols for telecontrol, protections and measures.

Range of protection services:

  • Starting up.Telemedida de alta, media y baja tensión
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Mounting, integration and adaptation of telemanagement system.
  • Configuration and testing of communication system with centralized offices of measures by GSM, GPRS, IP Office systems and RBT lines.
  • Many protocols of communication.
  • Multiple device manufacturers.