Software Factory

The Software Factory of Telecontrol STM is located in the company offices in Seville.

Aware of the need to provide added value to the services traditionally offered by Telecontrol STM, from the outset, the Software Factory has worked exclusively on telecontrol and telemetry software products.

Software factory

The Factory team is made up of seven people, all university graduates with extensive experience in the field of telemetry and telecontrol.

The Factory develops quality software following agile scrum methodologies and with a work plan of frequent product deliveries.

The team is currently working on the following developments:

  • IRIS Electricity, Gas and Water Software Platform: metering platform to manage field devices related to electricity, gas and water. IRIS is an open platform on which to build specific and particular solutions for the different utilities such as CRM, GIS, SCADA, etc. It implements all types of communication protocols and IRIS concentrates all the telemetry of all concentrators, remotes and Smart meters of any manufacturer.
  • PRIME DHE Server: Implementation of PRIME virtual concentrators. It implies a significant cost reduction in the installation of PRIME data concentrators and an increase in cybersecurity in communications.
  • SMART TPL: Mobile terminal based on Android to perform manual readings of PRIME meters through the optical port of the meters.
  • Zaphire: Software product that allows the integration of non-PRIME meters in PRIME measurement remote management systems.
  • eVision: Web portal of load profiles for the customers. Visualization, comparison and establishment of alarms regarding consumption.
  • Visual PRIME Analyzer: this is a desktop diagnostic product for visually analysing the real behaviour of a network of PRIME nodes on the ground.
  • Solar farm graphical manager: a desktop application built on Iris CoreServices to simplify the management of energy generated by a solar farm.