Monitoring of "PLC status" directly on a map

The new version of the Remote Sensing Platform IRIS 0.8 incorporates new features, further improving the performance, management and analysis of all aspects related to the communications of meters and data concentrators. Many of the new functions are the result of the feedback received from our clients, users of the platform.

Variation “PLC Status”

The "PLC States" are displayed on the platform through a dynamic color code, which allows to know the changes of the status of the PLC through time, simply by dragging the time selector.

Thanks to this functionality, it is possible to analyze communication problems throughout the day for a single meter or a group of them. The analysis of possible noise sources in LV  by means of IRIS, helps to improve the metering success rate.

An example:

“If the fact that the meters of a street are not able to communicate via PRIME with the data concentrator at certain hours every day is detected, it is possible to focus on a possible noise source of the LV grid, thus allowing a solution to the problem and avoiding local metering... a machine of a workshop, which is turned on at 08:00 and off at 18:00 ... during this time, the communications of the meters of the same street re lost in that the same schedule for the noises originated of the machine, injected to the LV grid ”.

Currently, our clients, national and international, are achieving a level of success in receiving the measure above 98%, well above the average of other alternatives due to the "smart tasks" implemented in IRIS.

Monday, March 12, 2018