IRIS is deployed in Latin American Countries

The release of the 0.8 version of our Telemanagement and MDM IRIS Platform has improved, even more so, the telemanagement and telemetry for concentrators and smart meters, adding new features.

Currently, many communication protocols are integrated into the IRIS Software Platform, being able to manage all possible types of smart meters deployed in an electrical utility, such as:

  • ION
  • IEC 102
  • PLC 800
  • Etc

The good practices of our technical staff have attracted new clients, which are main references into an electrical market, outside of Spain.

Right now, IRIS is deployed and integrated with other third party software solutions in electrical utilities of several Latin American Countries, adapted completely at all specific requirements of each country market.

IRIS is the most mature and consolidated Telemanagement Platform in the market, the only one whose integration with third systems (GIS, SCADA, billing, secondary concentrator) is easy and possible. The only MDM in the market able to be run in the cloud and monthly/quarterly scheme subscription (to both software and service).

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Monday, October 16, 2017