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UFINET TELECOM continues to maintain confidence in the services provided by Telecontrol STM, awarding a new contract for the "Maintenance and support of communications facilities, remote controls and Smart Grid". The contract will be along this 2015.

The scope of work spans the existing fleet of transformer which Gas Natural Fenosa has in the Iberian Peninsula, focusing on actions at communications facilities dedicated to the remote management of smart meters.

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Recently, Telecontrol STM has been contracted to install and take advantage of IRIS Software Platform by the utility located at Ceuta (Spain), called Group Empresa de Alumbrado Público de Ceuta; this utility provides of electricity to the whole city. When the meters deployment completes, 32.000 meters, providing service for about 85.000 residents of the city, will be managed with IRIS efficiently, maximizing the performance of the devices and the low voltage network.
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Recently has been completed Wakiria project for the smart recharge of electric vehicles. In this project, Telecontrol STM has been in charge of the development of the management system and end user interface based on web.